In order for something to become clean, something else must become dirty

Cleaning companies offer the following services.

Dust cobwebs
Dust lamps and lamp shades including the bulbs
Dust or wipe wall hangings as appropriate
Dust or wipe all furnishings as appropriate

Spot wipe hand prints and soil from around doors and door handles
Vacuum or brush sofa and chairs as needed
Dust blinds

Dust sills, blinds, baseboards, doors and door frames
Empty trash
Vacuum all carpet and hard wood floors including stairs
Mop hardwood floors

In addition they also offer window cleaning service.

Get help in your home. Get cleaning help before you move out or in. Hire a cleaning company to help with the pre-party or post-party clean up. Local cleaning services are available to make these jobs far less difficult and time consuming. How about some yard clean up or painting help?

Cleaning in Indianapolis [Indiana] :
Integrity Professional Cleaning Services

City: Indianapolis
Address: 11829 Maze Creek Drive

Tel: (317) 862-9900

Zip: 46259

type: Painter
Area served: Acton, Marion - Alexandria, Madison - Anderson, Madison - Arden, Indianapolis City (balan... - Show
Date of Most Recent Report: 1/19/2010
Services: Residential & Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting , Interior Decorating , Drywall , Texturing , ...
National Association of Home Builders: Member ID - .
Better Business Bureau: Better Business Bureau

"These people CALL themselves Christian While I haven't had work done by these folks, I have seen their vans on the roadway. Not only do their people drive horrendously poor, but they do so with unbuckled Mexican workers in the back. I could not BELIEVE someone would drive so unsafely" - Joe - Jun 21, 2007


Cleaning services in Indianapolis:
2-FOR-1 Cleaners [zip: 46205]
3 Cities Carpet Care, LLC [zip: 46227]
317 Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46218]
360 Services [zip: 46202]
A & D Cleaning [zip: 46217]
A & D Hydra Clean [zip: 46268]
A G Maas Janitorial Supply Co [zip: 46225]
A House Mechanics Inc [zip: 46241]
A Perfect Janitorial Services [zip: 46268]
A-Affordable Carpet & Uphlstry [zip: 46234]
A1 Gutter Cleaning and Repair Service [zip: 46214]
Abex Indiana Llp [zip: 46227]
ABM Industries [zip: 46241]
ABM Janitorial Services [zip: 46204]
About All Colors Carpet Cleaning & Dyeing [zip: 46227]
Accent Maid Services Inc [zip: 46240]
Action Clean Services [zip: 46237]
Acts Supply [zip: 46205]
Advance Professional Cleaning [zip: 46219]
Advance Septic & Sewer Services [zip: 46237]
Advanced Services [zip: 46203]
Advantage Restoration & Carpet Cleaning Megastore [zip: 46254]
Agape Personalized Cleaning [zip: 46256]
Agjohn Janitorial Services Inc [zip: 46226]
All Bright Cleaning Service [zip: 46239]
All Clean Janitorial Services [zip: 46202]
All county cleaning service "LLC" [zip: 46234]
All Professional Services [zip: 46227]
All Star Cleaners [zip: 46250]
Allbright Window-Gutter Cleaning [zip: 46259]
Alpine Air Duct Cleaning [zip: 46250]
Alpine Group [zip: 46218]
Alternative Cleaning [zip: 46220]
Alternative Cleaning, Inc [zip: 46203]
America One Hour Cleaners [zip: 46222]
American Blind Cleaning [zip: 46240]
American Carpet Cleaners and Janitorial Services [zip: 46221]
American Dream Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46239]
American National Skyline Inc [zip: 46218]
American Window Cleaning [zip: 46225]
AMSU Cleaning Service, INC. [zip: 46241]
Annee & Matry Heating & Cooling [zip: 46217]
Appleton Services Inc. - Residential, Office and Commercial Cleaning Service [zip: 46228]
AR Group Facility Services [zip: 46240]
Armour Guttering [zip: 46218]
Astro Facility Management [zip: 46278]
Astro Healthy Home Cleaning Solutions [zip: 46278]
Awreys Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46217]
Badger Carpet Cleaning Inc [zip: 46239]
Bane-Clene Corp. [zip: 46205]
Bar Keepers Friend:Cleanser [zip: 46202]
Beau's Window Cleaning [zip: 46256]
Beautiful House, Residential & Commercial Cleaning [zip: 46220]
Bettis Cleaners [zip: 46227]
Beyond The Eye Cleaning Service [zip: 46218]
Bliss Enterprises Inc [zip: 46220]
Bonus Building Care In In [zip: 46278]
Broad Ripple Heating Service Experts [zip: 46220]
Building Service Partners [zip: 46254]
Busy Bees Cleaning Inc [zip: 46226]
C & S Janitor Services Co [zip: 46202]
Capital Cleaning [zip: 46240]
Capitol Building Maintenance [zip: 46268]
Cardinal Window Cleaning [zip: 46227]
Carol Steven's Commercial Cleaning Services Llc [zip: 46241]
Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis [zip: 46217]
Carpet Cleaning | CarpetCleaningIndianapolis.Com [zip: 46204]
Carpet Master [zip: 46203]
Carpetech [zip: 46220]
Carriage Cleaners [zip: 46227]
Carson Restoration, Inc [zip: 46237]
Chance Nelson Professional Carpet and Window Cleaning [zip: 46236]
Chem-Dry By Kevin Jones [zip: 46214]
Chem-Dry Captial City [zip: 46236]
Chem-Dry Excel [zip: 46214]
Chem-Dry of Johnson County [zip: 46236]
Christlike Commercial Cleaning [zip: 46220]
City Janitor Services [zip: 46208]
Citywide Steamers [zip: 46227]
Classic Care Cleaning Services LLC [zip: 46219]
Classic Cleaners [zip: 46220]
Classic Cleaners [zip: 46236]
Classic Cleaners [zip: 46240]
Classic Cleaners [zip: 46250]
Classic Cleaners [zip: 46256]
Classic Cleaners [zip: 46278]
Classic Pool & Patio [zip: 46256]
Clean Air Services Inc [zip: 46205]
Clean Home [zip: 46225]
Clean Home [zip: 46236]
Cleaner Image [zip: 46230]
Cleaning Authority [zip: 46278]
Cleaning Engineers Inc [zip: 46239]
Cleaning Service Inc [zip: 46217]
Cleaning Solution [zip: 46224]
Cleanrite Janitorial Services [zip: 46208]
Cleansuite Services [zip: 46225]
Clear Choice Cleaning [zip: 46250]
Clear Image Window Cleaning [zip: 46219]
Clearview Building Services [zip: 46227]
Colt Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46202]
Comfort Heating & Cooling [zip: 46217]
Construct Solutions Inc [zip: 46219]
Contrast Cleaning Services [zip: 46256]
coombs chemdry [zip: 46203]
Correlated Products Inc [zip: 46241]
Coverall Cleaning Concepts [zip: 46240]
Crabtree Cleaning Services [zip: 46227]
Crawford Window Cleaning [zip: 46225]
Crystal Cleaners [zip: 46268]
Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning Services, Inc. [zip: 46217]
Curley's Cleaners [zip: 46208]
Curley's One Hour Cleaners [zip: 46202]
Custom Clean [zip: 46220]
D & M Clean Sweep Inc [zip: 46224]
Dazzling Di's Cleaning Services [zip: 46205]
Decamp Carpet Clean [zip: 46220]
Deering Cleaners [zip: 46229]
Deering Cleaners Downtown [zip: 46204]
Deering Cleaners-Broad Ripple [zip: 46220]
Delta Carpet & Upholstery [zip: 46250]
Dependable Dry Foam Carpet Cleaners [zip: 46227]
Detail Window Cleaning [zip: 46256]
Dial One Magna Dry [zip: 46226]
Disaster King Indy [zip: 46239]
Do-It-All Carpet Cleaning Inc [zip: 46202]
Dodds Janitorial Services Inc [zip: 46228]
Don Riggin Guttering Co [zip: 46229]
Drainman [zip: 46241]
Dryer Vent Solutions [zip: 46219]
Dunlap Commercial Cleaning, Inc. [zip: 46229]
Duraclean Carpet Upholstery [zip: 46226]
Eco Carpet Cleaning, llc [zip: 46214]
Economy Plus [zip: 46214]
Edison Building Services [zip: 46203]
Elite Cleaning and Restoration Service [zip: 46204]
Environment Control [zip: 46220]
Euma Will Corporation [zip: 46208]
Excell Gutters [zip: 46237]
Exclusive Detail House Clean [zip: 46240]
Executive Management Services Inc [zip: 46250]
Express Cleaners [zip: 46260]
Exquisite Cleaning Services [zip: 46204]
Exquisite Cleaning Services [zip: 46240]
Exterior Cleaning Agency [zip: 46208]
Facilities Management Llc [zip: 46268]
Family Cleaners [zip: 46214]
Fashion Cleaners [zip: 46260]
Fields Gutter & Siding Inc [zip: 46241]
Final Clean Corporation [zip: 46203]
First Serve Carpet Care [zip: 46234]
Fish Window Cleaning [zip: 46240]
Fleener Roofing [zip: 46217]
Flooring Expressions Floorcare [zip: 46239]
Forty Minute Cleaners [zip: 46227]
Forty-Minute Cleaners [zip: 46208]
Freehands Cleaning [zip: 46240]
Garcia Window Cleaning & Home Services [zip: 46221]
Glenlake Plaza [zip: 46220]
Gordon Plumbing, Inc. [zip: 46256]
Griffith Cleaners Inc [zip: 46268]
Gsf Safeway LLC South [zip: 46204]
Gurney J Bush Inc Drain Clean [zip: 46221]
Gutter Covers of Indiana [zip: 46218]
Gutter Flo [zip: 46268]
Gutter Helmet [zip: 46227]
Gutterscrews [zip: 46214]
Handi-Helpers Cleaning Service - Office Cleaning [zip: 46241]
Harberg Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning [zip: 46241]
Hartman's Janitorial Service [zip: 46203]
Have Ladder Will Climb [zip: 46219]
Heaven Scent Maids [zip: 46256]
Hedback Quality Air [zip: 46220]
Heirloom Oriental Rug Cleaning [zip: 46236]
Hobbs Professional Cleaning [zip: 46250]
Hogan's Co Janitorial Services [zip: 46201]
Hollidays Carpet Care [zip: 46227]
Home Cleaning Center of America [zip: 46220]
Hoosier State Metal Maintenance [zip: 46202]
Hoosier State Window Cleaning [zip: 46202]
HutchPro Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46224]
I AM the One Cleaning Services [zip: 46224]
Ideal Cleaning One Inc [zip: 46217]
Immaculate Concierge and Cleaning Services, Inc. [zip: 46204]
Impromptu Cleaning Services [zip: 46202]
Indiana Office Cleaning Services [zip: 46224]
Indiana Property Services LLC [zip: 46218]
Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46204]
Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning AmeriGreen 19.95 pr Rm [zip: 46220]
Indianapolis Pet Waste Removal Pooper Scooper [zip: 46217]
Indianapolis Water Damage [zip: 46227]
Indy Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46220]
Indy Office Clean [zip: 46224]
Indy Stone & Tile Care [zip: 46234]
Integrity Professional Cleaning Services [zip: 46259]
International Society-Cleaning [zip: 46224]
J & B Cleaners [zip: 46218]
J&R Heating & Air Conditioning [zip: 46219]
J&R Heating & Air Conditioning [zip: 46237]
Jan-Pro of Central Indiana [zip: 46278]
Jani-King [zip: 46278]
JCOS, Inc. [zip: 46256]
John Deering Cleaners [zip: 46219]
John's Drain Cleaning Services [zip: 46227]
Joy's Cleaning Services [zip: 46208]
K & J Cleaning Inc [zip: 46224]
Ken Kleen Inc [zip: 46220]
Kerman Fine Flooring [zip: 46250]
Keystone Forty Minute Cleaners [zip: 46220]
kimberly cleaningservices [zip: 46242]
Kimco Corporation [zip: 46205]
KIMCO Facilities Services Corporation dba Eurest Services, Inc. [zip: 46205]
Klean Restoration [zip: 46202]
Kleenit Group Inc [zip: 46218]
Kridan Business Equipment [zip: 46227]
L and L Cleaning Service [zip: 46229]
L S Janitorial Services [zip: 46228]
Lamping Cleaners [zip: 46203]
Landrum Cleaning LLC [zip: 46268]
Leading Edge Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46256]
Leafguard Indiana [zip: 46278]
Leave the Mess to the BEST! [zip: 46234]
Lee's Cleaners [zip: 46234]
Leitz Roofing Co Inc [zip: 46220]
LEMUS SERVICES INC. [zip: 46229]
Lighthouse Laundry [zip: 46239]
Mac Beth Cleaners [zip: 46217]
Mac Lesha Enterprises [zip: 46205]
Maid Brigade [zip: 46227]
Malone & Sons One Hour Cleaner [zip: 46219]
Man Maid in Indy [zip: 46256]
Marilyn's Maids [zip: 46219]
Martinizing [zip: 46256]
Mascari Cleaners [zip: 46237]
Master's Way [zip: 46239]
MAXXCLEAN LLC [zip: 46237]
Mbs Janitorial Inc [zip: 46217]
MDS Environmental Services Inc. [zip: 46219]
Men At Work Property Management & Maintenance [zip: 46219]
Merchant Cleaners [zip: 46260]
Meridian Heights Cleaners Inc [zip: 46205]
Meridian Roofing & Guttering, Inc. [zip: 46205]
Mermaids Cleaning Services [zip: 46205]
Merry Maids [zip: 46220]
Merry Maids [zip: 46227]
Merry Maids [zip: 46231]
Mike's Cleaning Services [zip: 46218]
Milto Cleaners [zip: 46225]
Milto Cleaners & Laundry [zip: 46221]
Milto Cleaners & Laundry [zip: 46237]
Miss Dawn's Residential Cleaning [zip: 46208]
Mitch Murch's Maintenance Management [zip: 46202]
Mite-E-Ducts Inc - Air Duct Cleaning [zip: 46268]
Modern Heating & Cooling [zip: 46241]
MoldRemoval-Indianapolis [zip: 46241]
Molly Maid [zip: 46227]
Morellis Cleaners [zip: 46220]
Morellis Cleaners [zip: 46224]
Morellis Cleaners [zip: 46250]
Morellis Cleaners [zip: 46256]
MPE Cleaning Systems [zip: 46224]
Mr. Clean Cleaning Service [zip: 46241]
Msa Restoration [zip: 46218]
myhouseisclean [zip: 46203]
Mystique Cleaning [zip: 46206]
Neff Cleaners [zip: 46222]
Norris Carpet Care Inc [zip: 46227]
Norris Carpet Cleaning Services [zip: 46227]
Office Keepers [zip: 46250]
Office Pride [zip: 46224]
Office Pride Visionary Sales [zip: 46214]
Olympic Products Inc [zip: 46218]
On-Site Supply [zip: 46220]
Outsource Partners Inc [zip: 46218]
Owners Pride [zip: 46237]
P & J Cleaners Inc [zip: 46224]
Pappas One Hour Cleaners [zip: 46218]
Paradise Pools LLC [zip: 46241]
Penn Sixty Minute Cleaners [zip: 46202]
Perfect Touch Cleaners [zip: 46260]
Performance Plus [zip: 46202]
Performance Plus [zip: 46278]
Personal Concierge [zip: 46224]
Peterman Heating & Cooling [zip: 46237]
PHD Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46227]
Poindexter Ashjian Rug Cleaning Co., Inc. [zip: 46219]
Polaris "Merchant" Cleaners [zip: 46260]
Premier Steam Cleaning Inc [zip: 46203]
Pressed 4 Time [zip: 46220]
Primed and Ready, LLC [zip: 46250]
Pro-Kleen [zip: 46202]
Puro Clean Property Damage [zip: 46234]
Q Cleaners [zip: 46224]
Quality Building Maintenance [zip: 46268]
R & R Cleaning [zip: 46239]
Rain-Master Inc [zip: 46218]
Real Green Cleaning LLC [zip: 46231]
Reed Drapery Services Inc [zip: 46202]
Regina's Cleaning Services [zip: 46227]
Renew Services, Inc [zip: 46220]
Richard Deering Cleaners LLC [zip: 46214]
Richmond Guttering Co [zip: 46227]
RMS Window Cleaning [zip: 46205]
Royal Cleaners [zip: 46217]
Royal Treatments [zip: 46227]
S & K Building Services Inc [zip: 46203]
S & S Cleaning Services [zip: 46278]
Sani-Bright Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46219]
Sani-Bright Carpet Cleaning - Broad Ripple [zip: 46205]
Scientific Concepts Inc [zip: 46241]
Sears Carpet & Upholstery Care [zip: 46256]
Seniors Helping Seniors [zip: 46259]
Service Clean Mathis Inc [zip: 46217]
Service Master By Doran-West [zip: 46241]
Service Master By Fentz [zip: 46219]
Service Master Contract Services [zip: 46241]
Service One Janitorial [zip: 46228]
Service Partners Gutter Supply [zip: 46221]
ServiceMaster [zip: 46241]
ServiceMaster Clean [zip: 46241]
Shelton Cleaning [zip: 46234]
Showline Guttering, L L C [zip: 46214]
Sigman Cleaners [zip: 46254]
Simple Cleaning Solutions,LLC [zip: 46219]
Sims Janitorial Services [zip: 46228]
Sixty Minute Cleaners [zip: 46205]
Sixty Minute Cleaners [zip: 46228]
Skybright Window & Gutter Cleaning [zip: 46250]
Smith Cleaning Services [zip: 46259]
Solvega's Elite Cleaning Service, LLC [zip: 46256]
Sparkle Cleaners [zip: 46202]
Sparkle Cleaners [zip: 46205]
Specialty Guttering Inc [zip: 46205]
Steamatic of Indianapolis [zip: 46256]
Steen Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46236]
Sterling 1 75 Cleaners [zip: 46268]
Steve's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning [zip: 46227]
Sunshine Maintenance Services Inc [zip: 46204]
Superior Touch Services, LLC [zip: 46241]
Supreme Cleaners [zip: 46237]
Suzy Q Cleaning Service [zip: 46208]
Sweeney Commercial Maintenance Services Inc [zip: 46205]
System4 [zip: 46240]
T & T Cleaning [zip: 46218]
Talleys Carpet Cleaning [zip: 46256]
The Cleaning Authority [zip: 46250]
The Cleaning Break [zip: 46250]
The Residential Handyman [zip: 46221]
Thomas E Roosa Carpet Care [zip: 46220]
Thru All Family Cleaning Services [zip: 46208]
TMTResources [zip: 46224]
Top-To-Bottom Cleaning [zip: 46268]
Touch of Love Cleaning Services [zip: 46220]
Tuchman Cleaners [zip: 46204]
Tuchman Cleaners [zip: 46219]
Tuchman Cleaners [zip: 46220]
Tuchman Cleaners [zip: 46237]
Tuchman Cleaners [zip: 46240]
Tuchman Cleaners [zip: 46250]
Tuchman Cleaners [zip: 46254]
Turientines Janitorial [zip: 46218]
USA Clean Master [zip: 46225]
USA One Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning [zip: 46203]
USDC Tuchman Indiana [zip: 46214]
Usdc Tuchman Indiana [zip: 46237]
USDC Tuchman Indiana [zip: 46239]
Velvet Touch [zip: 46220]
Vincent's Janitorial Services [zip: 46208]
Water Damage [zip: 46268]
Water Damage King of Indianapolis [zip: 46203]
Water Damage Restoration [zip: 46217]
Water Wise Cleaning [zip: 46219]
Wentico & Co Llc [zip: 46250]
White Glove Maid Service Inc [zip: 46236]
White's Cleaning [zip: 46208]
Wilco Supply [zip: 46203]
Wilson Carpet Care [zip: 46237]
Wilson Services Corporation [zip: 46234]
WOW Window Washing [zip: 46203]
Xcel Clean of Indiana [zip: 46250]